Facility Info



We have over 3000 square feet of space for you to enjoy and a variety of equipment to choose from. Plus we even have a dedicated section upstairs for women only! You'll also be comfortable year round with our high-efficiency heating/cooling system. We also offer free wifi to members, in-house music, satellite tv and much more!


You'll enjoy how large our change-rooms are. They even feature private showers, washrooms, and rentable lockers!


With a fresh layer of black asphalt, we have plenty of room for vehicles of all sizes, plus a dedicated handicapped spot near the door!



We have what your workout regimen needs! Enjoy our amazingly comfortable rubberized flooring, and the various gear such as: treadmills, uprights, cross-trainers, bench & incline presses, squat racks, barbells, and much more. Our gym is cleaned and equipment maintained on a regular basis to ensure quality operation and safety. Click Here to see pictures of the gym and its gear.


Currently we have an awesome cold filtered water-fountain. It's refreshing and delicious. For the food aspect, we are looking at finding a vending machine supplier that would sell healthy snacks and workout supplements. Stay tuned as we work towards this. In the meantime for your snack-needs, visit our friends at Esso, just a 1 minute walk away!


Unless staff is on-site, the facility is locked and secured 24/7. Only registered members with access-cards would be able to enter the facility. To enhance everyone's security even further we have digital video surveillance systems with cameras in strategic unobstrusive locations inside the gym and outside. Cameras are recorded 24/7 and monitored off-site. As well, our facility has an A-E-D, plus one of our members is a medic. Click Here to find out more!



Stonewall, MB is a fantastic town located just outside of Winnipeg and is minutes away for many of the other surrounding communities here in the Interlake region! This makes us a perfect destination for your fitness needs. Not only are we close to home, it's our community of members here at the gym that makes the experience much more fun and friendly! Click Here to find out more about Stonewall.


We have an amazing and diverse group of members at the gym; young and old, petite and large, different religions, races, beliefs, political views, but we all leave any negativity at the door and unite together towards our common goal of staying active, fit, and most importantly having fun in the process! We're all so friendly and helpful, never be afraid to ask another member for help during a workout, and never be afraid to be yourself at Adrenaline Fitness!


Our staff is dedicated to providing you with the utmost courtesy and efficient service. During office hours our staff is on site and we keep the doors unlocked for any non-members to come in, have a peek around, and to ask any questions or sign up as a member. After-hours you can still contact us via our automated phone service, we also receive your messages from emails and the contact form, along with checking our social media platforms. So no matter what, there's always a way to contact us and ask questions!