Our Story

Our Story

How it all started...

Stonewall, Manitoba is a vibrant and growing town with over 5000 persons residing in it year round. Many businesses thrive here and one of them was 'Fitness Solutions'; Stonewall's former fitness facility. In late 2015 / early 2016 the building went up for sale and sadly they closed marking the end of an era for fitness enthusiasts in our town.

Some of the former gym's equipment was put up for sale, and Brody Nolin, of Nolin's Family Landscaping in Stonewall decided to purchase it. Having an eye for opportunity, him and the family saw a great commercial building for sale in the town's industrial area. Being a former church with 3000 square feet of open space, and another 3000 for offices in the front, they purchased it and started working on their new vision.

The family and their friends spent many tireless months demolishing, contructing, and renovating the facility. The plan was to build Stonewall's newest and biggest fitness facility that was modern and efficient. The electrical and lighting was updated and the existing HVAC system was already perfect. The I's were dotted, the T's were crossed and then finally the last bits of drywall went up, the paint went on, then the soft rubber flooring was laid. What a satisfying experience for the Nolin's and their friends to see this project through to the end and seeing a wonderful masterpiece of a renovation! They put a few more finishing touches on, then in January of 2017 Adrenaline Fitness was granted its occupancy permit. What a wonderful way to ring in the new year by opening the doors to the public. Brody and his family are excited to have you along for the journey, and have even bigger things planned as time moves forward!

Email: info@adrenalinefitness.ca
2 Dolomite Ave. - PO Box 4357
Stonewall, MB ROC2Z0, Canada